Roscontainer  is a maritime container company specializing in the rental and sale of second-hand containers. Today we tell you everything you need to know to buy or rent a maritime container. Keep reading!

Maritime containers: Sale or rent

Maritime containers: Sale or rent

Maritime containers have become an increasingly used resource in different architectural, industrial and commercial projects. The truth is that maritime containers have a wide variety of uses and applications, thanks to:

  • His great resistance.
  • It can be adapted to different projects.
  • Easy transport.
  • Sustainability.
  • Economic.

Used containers have found a second life as a construction material, becoming one of the main options for outdoor constructions that are cheaper than other alternatives. It allows developing quick solutions for extra storage, refrigeration, waste container, industry, construction: homes, offices, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, etc.

They are the best solution to materialize any idea or project. The spaces made with maritime containers are considered modern architecture, with great versatility and utility. In addition to reusing a container to create magnificent projects or annexes to expand premises or homes, without the need to make a large investment or reform, it is enough to prepare the land where the container will be placed.

Normally, when it comes to private projects, the normal thing is to buy the maritime containers and develop their transformation for housing. However, some projects allow you to choose to rent these used containers, instead of buying them.

Maritime containers: Sale or rent

Buy or rent sea containers

When we have a project with certain characteristics, such as the construction of a private single-family home, the most logical thing is to buy the shipping containers that will be necessary for its development. For those projects that have permanent stability and duration, it is advisable to buy the maritime containers of the measures that are necessary, depending on the type of project (housing, offices, store, cafeteria, etc.).

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of renting maritime containers, everything depends on the needs and characteristics of the project. If we want to acquire a place for temporary storage, perhaps it is more advisable to rent one or more containers, for the time in which that extra storage space is needed. For projects with a duration or temporary nature, it is advisable to rent maritime containers, since it gives greater flexibility and allows you to dispense with it when necessary, without having to put it up for sale, only returning it.

Advantages of buying a container

  • Availability at all times.
  • Permanent projects.
  • Housing construction.
  • Being able to adapt and transform it as much as necessary without restrictions.
  • You pay once for it, not for periods of time.
  • You can transport it where it is needed without contract limitations.

Advantages of renting a container

  • Greater flexibility.
  • Temporary projects.
  • Return of the container once the contract has ended.
  • Fast and efficient delivery.

Roscontainer is a company specialized in renting, selling and transforming second-hand, new or semi-new maritime containers. We advise you at all times in choosing the container or containers that best suit the needs of your project. Our main objective is to help our clients so that they can develop each of their projects with top quality containers in perfect condition.

Maritime containers have become a fast, efficient and sustainable solution for building and executing office structures, homes, warehouses, shops, etc. in a short time. At Roscontainer we not only have the best options and variety of containers and sizes, for any project no matter how ambitious, but we also advise you on everything you need.


Tell us what your project is and we will advise you on buying or renting a maritime container, in addition to helping you make it a reality. Contact us through our website or social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin), we will respond as soon as possible.